Api studio is a creative workspace situated rue du Collège 40 in Ixelles,  Brussels.

The space is shared between 2 interior architects: Alex B and Stephanie Gosuin, 2 painters (Polish): Hanna Ilczyszyn and Anna Zuber and a silkscreen studio AHAHA.be. The resident artists propose workshops for the children and adults.

because we are happy to create!


@ photo: API, from the left:  Alex B, Hanna Ilczyszyn, Stephanie Gosuin, Anna Zuber.


ZUBZUB - art, gold, painting
// 4MURAL - mural paintings/ gliding/wall decorations
/// AHAHA - creative prints – silkscreen prints

anna zuber 2 api

@ Anna Zuber, iCons, smile, 34 x 48 cm


/ FAJNAHANNA - painting, drawing
//AHAHA - creative prints – silkscreen prints

Hanna Ilczyszyn_Trzepak, 100 140 cm

@ Hanna Ilczyszyn, Trzepak, acryl on canvas, 100 x 140 cm



/ WASTE’ UP -  architecture – upcycling

stephanie gosuin_light and rust 2

@ Stephanie Gosuin, Light & Rust



/ WELCOME HOME / architecture vivante

// ROOTS by alexb / clothing, accessoires & furnitures

Alex B_api_studio

@ Alex B. Photo by Henri Wolfram


AHAHA - creative prints – silkscreen prints



A little bit od happiness from the API Studio window.

A vitrine of the API Studio is changing every month. Each of the resident artists creates the one to bring more happiness to the people passing the street every day.

because we are happy to create!




Courtesy of : www.apistudio.be


UPDATE: API Studio is closed since April 2015. You can contact Hanna Ilczyszyn and Anna Zuber directly via they www above. The artists work in atelier in La Vallee.